Best Contemporary Kitchen Design

Kitchens should be one of the most beautiful areas in your home. With contemporary kitchen designs, you are able to transform a previously boring kitchen into one that is very classy and stylish even you would want to sleep there. A contemporary kitchen has modern-day equipment such as cabinets, island, counter top, fixtures and lights. If you want to have a modern kitchen that you can boast to anyone, here are some of the designs that you can get:

New kitchen designs usually have large and bold kitchen cabinets such as this one. In this concept, the kitchen is made simple, but the kitchen cabinets made it really stylish  The floor tiles are also seamless, which are different from old kitchen designs with conventional floors.

Sleek kitchen design

Gone are the days when counter tops are installed against the wall. In this modern kitchen design, the kitchen island is placed at the center of the kitchen with the gas range perpendicular to the sink so you can easily move around while working.

3D kitchen design

Another modern kitchen design that you can have is this multi-functional kitchen with a multimedia set and a mini bar so you can relax while cooking or you just want to take a snack.

Black modern kitchen design

For large homes, you can easily achieve this concept in your kitchen. The preparation area is placed strategically so it will be easy to prepare. What makes this kitchen very contemporary is its location making guests in the living room see how gorgeous this kitchen is. Also, the kitchen has back glass doors so you can have a full view of the garden while cooking.

Classic modern kitchen design

Now if you want a spacious kitchen, this design is the right one for you. It consist of a custom made kitchen cabinet with built-in sink and counter top so you wont need additional kitchen island.

Contemporary kitchen idea

Some people desire a long bar for their kitchen, which is an epitome of a contemporary kitchen. The kitchen lighting is also very modern to complete the look.

Contemporary kitchen

A modern kitchen does not need to have completely modern-day furniture  In this case, the kitchen is highlighted with wooden-finish furniture with a round table in the corner.  What makes this very contemporary is the ceiling and the overall kitchen concept.

Elegant kitchen design

As they say, simplicity is beauty as exemplified by this modern-day kitchen. It uses a conventional rectangular space,  but the lighting, wall painting and kitchen cabinets make it very recent looking.

Modern kitchen design

This example is probably one of the best modern-day kitchens that you can have because of the 3D kitchen design. Starting from the ceiling, it has overlapping platforms that make it look more multi-dimensional. Next, all corners are made functional and there is even a miniature living room for others to stay while you cook.

Modern kitchen

There are a lot of manufacturers who also develop stainless steel counter tops. Stainless steel is not a current innovation for contemporary kitchen, but is still widely used for modern kitchen designs because of their edgy look.

Silver kitchen design

When it comes to kitchens, contemporary kitchen designs are very popular because they yield a very classy look like those seen in restaurants and hotels.

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