Fancy Under Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Under kitchen cabinet lighting is an indispensable feature in your kitchen because aside from providing an evenly distributed light in your counter tops  lighting under kitchen cabinets can significantly transform the ambiance in your kitchen especially at night. Under cabinet lighting can yield beautiful counter tops that you cannot see unless you install one of these fancy kitchen cabinet lights:

LED lights have always been useful when it comes to stylish kitchen lights. This blue LED under cabinet lighting is very pleasing to the eyes and adds brilliance to the kitchen at night. To add more effect to the LED light  install mirrors on the side of the kitchen to get more beautiful reflection.

Blue under cabinet light

Another under kitchen cabinet lighting is this white LED light under the cabinet that gives you a glowing feel in your kitchen floor. Aside from installing lights close to the floor, you can also have the lights under the cabinet over the counter tops for added brilliance.

Elegant under cabinet lighting

For white counter tops, this white fluorescent light is very elegant. Install light frames under the kitchen cabinet to create a LED light effect.

Fluorescent under kitchen cabinet light

If you want colored lights, but would not dare install colored bulbs, painting your kitchen walls under the cabinets with neon colors can create a neon light effect such as this one.

Fresh under kitchen cabinet light

This under kitchen cabinet lighting is a LED strip light in red. To achieve this effect in your kitchen, get dark colored cabinets and counter tops to yield better color contrast.

LED strip lights

For houses with white paints, getting a colored under kitchen cabinet lights can add life to your home. In this case, yellow bulbs are used to create a spotlight effect under the kitchen cabinet.

Yellow under kitchen lighting

If you are more on monochromatic colors, you can also use white lights under kitchen cabinets. For added effect, you can use cabinets with glass windows on top so that the light can also peek through them and create a more dramatic feel in your kitchen.

Under cabinet lighting idea

Mini spotlights can also be a good choice under the kitchen cabinets. In this case, if you have a wooden counter top, spotlights can bring out bolder colors in the wooden finish.

Spotlights under cabinet lighting

Strip lights and LED lights are very popular when it comes to kitchen lighting. This picture shows an immaculately white kitchen transform at night into a fun and relaxing kitchen atmosphere.

LED under cabinet lighting

Sometimes, under kitchen cabinet lighting is placed for aesthetic purposes only. This LED lighting may not produce adequate lighting for working in the kitchen, but it can create a stylish look in your kitchen at night.

LED strip under cabinet light

If you are building your kitchen or you just want to revamp the look, installing unique under kitchen cabinet lighting is a nice way to add style in your kitchen at night.

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