Small Bedroom Ideas for Cute Homes

If you have a small bedroom and would want to have nicely decorated one, despite of the space, there are various small bedroom ideas that you can follow to maximize the space and create a very cozy bedroom environment. Sometimes, small bedrooms are the most interesting bedrooms because people always get puzzled on how the small space was turned into a fantastic one. If you are looking for cute bedroom ideas for your house, or just for curiosity, here are some of the cool small bedroom ideas that you can find:

Getting a small space for your room doesn’t mean that you wont be able to make it functional like big rooms do. It only take a matter of creativity and imagination to turn your small room into something that is very functional. This small room is an epitome of creativity plus functionality.  The bed is situated on the top portion of the room with the space below used for office work, reading, studying and others. The stairs were also maximized providing space for drawers.

Bedroom idea for small space

For families with small rooms and needs to ahve extra space for baby cribs, this example is a perfect answer to small bedroom problems. You can install your couple bed on the ceiling and have the rest of the room for other purposes such as for cribs, chairs and tables. However, make sure that the bed is properly installed as you don’t want your young to be fallen into by  heavy furniture.

Small Room Loft Design Ideas by L. McComber Architects

Another small bedroom concept that you can use for multiple room users is a small room with dual bed. Instead of placing the beds beside each other, you can place one higher than the other to save some space.

Dual bed for small bedroom

If you are only a single room user, this bedroom idea is a very modern type of bedroom design. The bed  can actually be folded so when you are not using it, you can use the space for high chairs so you can work in your desk.

Foldable bed small bedroom idea

Double deck beds are very popular when it comes to multiple room users for small rooms. But the break the boredom of regular double deck beds, this bedroom design is really very elegant.

Small bedroom design ideas

Another small bedroom idea for double deck beds is this one with the desk on the foot part to maximize a rectangular room space.

Small bedroom design

If you are looking for small bedroom ideas for boys, this design fits boys well because of the color and overall atmosphere. The beds are placed perpendicular to each other with the extra space used for drawers. If you have a small bedroom, using tall closets such as this one will give you more space for your things.

Small bedroom idea for kids

When it comes to modern bedroom designs and modern beds, this controlled bed fits small bedrooms because you can actually put the bed on the ceiling when not in use so you have more space for other things. At night, you can easily control the bed to move downwards just above the living room so you can climb up easily and cuddle.

Small abedroom idea

This is one of the excellent small bedroom ideas for girls considering the color and the design. The bed is placed below the working table or desk with the cabinet on the same side as the desk to maximize the space.

Small bedroom ideas for girls

if you need your books in your room, this bedroom idea is also very appealing. Have your books installed in an overhead rack  and have your drawers built under the bed for added space.

Small bedroom ideas

Small bedrooms have never been this creative. So click the room of your choice and start saving some space in your small bedroom.

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