Top Small Kitchen Design Ideas for your Small Home

Building your kitchen may require a large space especially if you want a sleek and organized kitchen. However, getting a large space for your kitchen is not always the case because you may need to divide the total area of your house into different subareas such as your living room, toilet, bath and tub, rooms and others. If you incidentally have a small kitchen, it may be difficult for you to achieve the kitchen that you want. However, you can still have a nicely built kitchen using these small kitchen designs:

If you are living on your own or with a partner and you don’t have the luxury of having a large home, this cute kitchen design is perfect to maximize the space. Have some decent overhead kitchen cabinets to store your goods. Position the gas range near your refrigerator and have your kitchen island and sink in a single table. Also, you may want to convert the kitchen island as your dinner table to save more space.

Bachelor's pad kitchen design

If you have a limited square space for your kitchen, this tiny kitchen design is another perfect choice for small families. Position all your cooking equipment in one side and have your kitchen island beside your dining table to save space as well as effort in preparing your meals. This kitchen design may look spacious, but it only uses a small space in your home.

Design for small kitchen

If you are not thinking of installing a kitchen island in your kitchen, this small kitchen idea is very cozy and neat. Get large kitchen cabinets for all your groceries and kitchen wares to make your kitchen look more organized and spacious. You may want to position your refrigerator opposite the cabinet and have a decent counter top on the side for added functionality in your small kitchen.

Elegant small kitchen design

The key to building your small kitchen is having a clean and organized counter tops and overall design. In this way, you create an illusion that you have a large kitchen. In this small kitchen design, the walls are painted with beige and the ceiling white to create a clean and wide appearance on the kitchen. Also, uniform cabinets make it look more spacious.

Modern small kitchen design

Who would think that this kitchen is just a small area in the house? Well, if you really have a small house area and would not want all those dividers that may eat space, getting an open kitchen such as this one is very unique. Install some colorful cupboards and position your dining table in an elevated floor to  differentiate your kitchen from your living room.

Open small kitchen design

If you have a corner space for your kitchen, this kitchen design is another excellent choice for small kitchens. Build your kitchen and sink in a u-shaped manner to save space and add a creative counter top diagonally to serve as a divider from the rest of the house.

Small kitchen decorating idea

If you have a small kitchen, a good way to make it more spacious is to have a higher ceiling. In this way, you may not have a large area, but the higher ceiling creates more space and improves the ventilation. In this example, the dining table may serve as an island while you are preparing your meals so you wont need to get a separate island that can eat more space in your kitchen.

Small kitchen design

Instead of getting several cabinets for your kitchen that may eat all your space, get a wall high rack so you may put all your kitchen needs in it. If you are wondering how you can get the top most items, well, a sliding ladder may help you in that.

Small kitchen furniture

This mint green kitchen counter is a pre-built kitchen accessory. it already contains the cupboards, sink and faucet, oven and additional racks for other things. This is very good for homes that are really small and best for single occupants.

Small kitchen idea

This last example is one of my favorite  kitchen designs for small kitchen since the kitchen is really small, but how the furniture were positioned made the small space very functional.

Small kitchen space idea

Having a small area in your kitchen does not mean that you wont be able to design it maximally like big houses do. Well, you just need to be creative and invent your own kitchen design such as these ones to transform your small kitchen into a more functional one.

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