Backsplash Shelves for Kitchen Designs: Food for the Imagination

If your looking for backsplash shelves for kitchen designs, it would definitely help you to take a look at these pictures. Hopefully, these photos will give you the basics regarding using backsplash shelves for your interior design plans.

The Backsplash Storage


In this picture, you will see that a simple shelf can do wonders for the aesthetics of the whole kitchen. Aside from this, you will also get5 additional storage space for the smaller items in your kitchen.

Counter Shelves


If you want to have another use for your backsplash wall, why don’t you put it behind the counter like in this picture? With these shelves, you will be able to put up your favorite drinks for display.

 Wood and Steel Combined


This is a perfect combination of steel and wood you will ever see in terms of backsplash shelves for kitchen designs. It will give your kitchen sink a more sophisticated look.

The Minimalist’s Choice


This single backsplash shelf is definitely a good choice for a minimalist individual with good taste. It will be a great addition to the overall design plan for your house.

The Backsplash Wood Shelf



Attaching a wooden shelf to your backsplash wall in this fashion can add to the beauty and usefulness of your own kitchen.

Drawers Galore


Adding drawers to your backsplash shelves for kitchen will give the shelves more pizzazz . The green color scheme is not too shabby either.

The Stainless Steel Variation


If you want to do something  different for your kitchen counter, why not use this particular design for your  own bar. It is slightly different from the steel and wood combo above, but it definitely uses the same concept.

Back to Basics


The basic white color scheme for your backsplash shelves for kitchen designs will add to the simplicity of your home. It shows that you don’t have to have elaborate decors in the kitchen to make it beautiful.

Backsplash Copper and Wood


Are you looking for a place to put your copper pots and pans in? The backsplash shelves in this picture should do the trick. You can place other other things on there too like your favourite cookbooks and many other knick knacks.

 The Cup Pantry


It can also serve as a cup storage area for your fine china. This is why you should definitely think about using the backsplash shelves for kitchen designs. It will give your dining and cooking area a whole new look.


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