DIY Wall Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

In decorating a home, it is hard to find an artwork which is unique and affordable. If you want something that is easy on your budget with a personal touch, then these DIY wall décor ideas are what you are looking for.

Lovely paper flowers with branches pasted on the canvas

diy wall decor 11

DIY Hoop Art Wall Décor Ideas

You can make an affordable, contemporary piece of art from embroidery hoops which you can purchase at any craft store.

Embroidered Hoop Art wall Decor

diy wall decor 1

Purchase hoops with various sizes. Look for fabric having complimentary prints and shades. Clamp together the hoops then cut off the edges. If you want, you can paint the hoops to match the fabric before adding it.

Colorful Hoops Art Various Sizes

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Unique Multimedia Collage

In creating a unique multi-media collage, purchase a selection of blank canvasses with the same size. Position the canvasses together and treat them as one piece.

Continuous multimedia canvas

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Use beads, paints, strips of fabric, glitter, cutouts from magazines to produce a mixed-media decoration which covers the piece.

Colorful strips of fabric used in DIY wall decor

diy wall decor 5

Let it dry completely. Hang them on the wall. This continuous pattern will create an interesting flowing piece of art. To make it more eclectic you can cover the canvasses with complementary patterns and colors.

Ecletic DIY wall decor

diy wall decor 10

Faux Molding DIY Wall Decor

Create faux molding to add depth. Purchase decorative molding strips and then cut them to produce two or three rectangular shapes on the wall. If you want a more ornate look use curved corner pieces.

Lovely Faux Wall Decor

diy wall decor 2

To fit your planned shapes, cut pieces of wallpaper and attach them to the wall with staples or glue.

Cute nostalgic photo

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Stencils DIY Wall Decor

If painting the entire wall is not included in your plan but you still prefer to add color to the room, you can try using stencils. You can consider using modern shapes, like trees or abstract designs instead of the conventional border stencil of hearts or vines.

Collection of Memorable Photos

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For instance, in the hallway, you can paint a silhouette of a tree and place hooks on the branches. If painting the walls is not included in your plan, find vinyl cutout stencils it also provides the same effect.



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