Interesting Home Design Ideas with Wall Stickers

If you are planning to redesign your home to give it a fresh new look, there is no need for you to spend a lot on it. The affordable way of transforming your room is by the use of wall stickers. Below are some of the interesting home design ideas for your living room, kitchen, and kid’s room with wall stickers.

 Cool wall stickers for your living roomwall stickers 2

Kid’s Room

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when designing your kid’s room is that it must be unique and should speak about them, their tastes, dislikes and likes.

Cute and cuddly animal wall stickers

wall stickers 6


To lift your kid’s mood you need to use wall stickers that they would really love. For the boys the airplane wall sticker is a great idea. Many young boys dream of becoming a pilot someday.

For the boys wall sticker

diy wall decor 10

Other designs may include animals, lovely and colorful designs for girls and other unique stuff that your kids will truly love.

Large colorful animal wall sticker

wall stickers 1

The Kitchen

During summer people spend most of their time at home rather than going outside and thus they start to think of how to renovate their home particularly their kitchen.

Unique kitchen wall sticker

wall stickers 9


These kitchen home design ideas with vinyl wall stickers are the best solution in this kind of situation, because it is easy to use and it’s easy to change whenever you feel like it.

Attractive wall sticker for your kitchen

wall stickers 3


Most of the kitchen décor wall stickers are colorful and fun.

Colorful Kitchen Tools Wall Sticker

wall stickers 5

The Living Room

If you have plain walls in your living room and you do not have enough money to invest on wallpapers and fancy wall hangings but still want to add something on your walls then check out these wall stickers.

Soothing Living Room Wall Sticker

wall stickers 8


This simple butterfly can convert your room into something elegant and classy.

Elegant wall sticker

wall stickers 7

If you have a collection of photos from your childhood, your parents and your children then it would be a great idea to hang it nicely on the wall with branches of a tree wall stickers to connect each photo.

Nostalgic wall sticker design ideas

wall stickers 4

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