Rustic Kitchens: The Perfect Design Plans

If you’re planning to build a house in the country, planning out  rustic kitchens and their designs first is the best way to go before you even begin to focus on the other rooms.  Here are some rustic kitchen ideas that you can use as your own design in the future.  Hopefully, these ideas will make your kitchen look even more inviting than ever before.

Rustic and Modern


This first picture is a mixture of both the rustic and modern designs.  If you want country living but do not want to let go of the comforts of modern life this is a kitchen for you.

Warmly Cozy


This kitchen gives out a warm and cozy feeling for the owners of the house.  The huge art pieces on the walls and ceilings will definitely give it more spark for the eyes.

The Western Stone Cottage


If you are into ancient style living, this is the perfect design of rustic kitchens for you.  The stone storage compartments will make for a more durable and long lasting kitchen space for you and your family.

Simple and Breezy


This brick based kitchen gives the entire house a simpler ambiance without sacrificing the comfort and ventilation that a kitchen should have.

The Wooden Kitchen


This specific design looks awesome because it has space and it is easier to maintain than any other rustic kitchens you can find out there. This will surely look good for your overall house design.

 Rustic and Modern Part II


This is another take on the rustic and modern kitchen designs.  If you have lesser space in your house, this is the design for you.  If you’re not a fan of dark colors though, it will be easy enough to change.

The Bright Version


This is a much brighter version of the previous rustic kitchen design.  If you want more color in your kitchen, this is the one for you.

The Brown Bricks



If you want simple elegance in your kitchen, this brick based kitchen design is the best alternative that you can have.  The candle chandelier gives the room the quintessential look that it certainly needs.

Built For Smaller Spaces


This kitchen design will greatly benefit a small cottage style house.

A Well Ventilated Kitchen


If you are looking to ventilate your kitchen well, building it with huge windows will definitely give your kitchen proper air circulation.  This will be much healthier than air conditioning for sure.

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