Tie Dye Walls: The Greatest Design Patterns

Tie dye is one of the fastest growing forms of art that you can find all over the world.  it is an extremely multifaceted art form that can be used in clothes and other decorative pieces around the house.  Here are some examples of tie dye walls that would look good for any interior design plans that you may have in the future.  Hopefully, you will get to use some of these samples in your own future house soon enough.

The Tie Dye Tapestry


This is one of the most effective ways for you to use tie dye wall art.  You can take a large cloth and paint over it like this.

The Bedroom Wall


This is one of the most beautiful tie dye walls that you can ever see for a bedroom.  Simple but elegant at the same time.

The Tie Dye Flag


This can definitely serve as one of your room draperies.  If you’re patriotic, this is the tie dye art for you.

Painting the Curtains


This is a great combination of colors that will certainly brighten up anybody’s room.  You will never regret using tie dye for your curtains a following the picture sample.

A Simple Beauty


This is the true definition of simplicity and beauty combined.  You do not have to use a lot of colors.  Just focus on colors that you like for your tie dye project and you will never go wrong.

Tie Dye Decor


As mentioned earlier, you can also use to tie dye for any decorative ornaments that you can hang on your wall.  This is another good example of tie dye walls that you need to take note of.

An Artistic Peace Sign


This proves that tie dye can also be used as a platform for free speech as well.

The Color of Royalty


This specific tie dye color scheme is definitely fit for a princess.  You will be able to use this particular palette in your daughter’s room.

Abstract Ideas



Another great design for your tie dye walls.  It will be relaxing to look at every day for sure.

The Bold and the Muted


This is a great mixture of loud and muted colors for your own tie dye wallpaper design pattern.  You will feel as though you are staring at something very special if you use this particular color scheme for your own bedroom walls.  It will be a truly artistic masterpiece in the long run.

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