TV Wall Designs: The Best You Can Find

If you would really like to find the best TV wall designs you can have for your own living room, this article can give you some ideas through the pictures below. Hopefully, you  will find the perfect design for your TV wall after reading this.

Library TV


If you want to have a television set in your library, then this is the TV wall design that you should consider having, as soon as possible.

The Flat Screen Wall


This is one of the most popular TV wall designs that you can have in your living room.  It will give your room more space because you do not have to deal with the big T V set by using this flat screen wall.

The Space Saving Design


If you want to save some space in your living room, this is the TV wall that would fit your lifestyle.  It does not require much space in terms of shelving because of the slim fit television it is big enough for the viewers to see the programs clearly.

The TV Frame


This is something different because the owner made the TV part of his picture wall.

The Sports Game Center


You will certainly enjoy watching your favorite games with this TV wall design.  It gives a good distance between the machine and the viewer so much so that you don’t have to strain your eyes while watching.

A Major Centrepiece


By using this particular wall design, you will make your television set a major centrepiece in your living room.

A Conference Viewing Machine


This specific idea will work in a conference room or in the office.

The Sitting Room Entertainment Device



You can also put your flat screen TV in the den using this specific design.  It will definitely give a more sophisticated look to any room in your house.

Keeping It Simple


Sometimes, keeping it simple as the best way to go when it comes to creating good TV wall designs.  So if you do not like having ornaments on your wall aside from your TV, this design would be best for you.

The TV Frame 2


This is another take on the TV frame design.  It gives your flat screen TV more character for sure.  So if you would want something different for your TV wall designs, making it part of your picture wall will certainly give it an edge over the others.


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