DIY Alternatives To Traditional Vases

Are you looking for DIY alternatives to traditional vases that you can use for your own bedroom or garden?  This is the article that will answer all your questions.  We will try to give you some ideas as to what you can do to help improve the design of your living room by using DIY alternatives to traditional vases.

Brass Pots and Pans



Just like in this picture, you can use brass pots and pans as an alternative for your traditional vase.  Using these types of containers will make your flowers stand out even more.

Go For a Larger One


You can also opt for a larger container or a basket such as this one for your flowers.  You can set it in the middle of your garden or in one corner of your living room.

Using A Smaller Can


If you want, you can use a smaller can for smaller bouquets of flowers that you would want to preserve for a long time.  Don’t forget to soak it in water first.

Treasures From the Trash


If you really want to use DIY alternatives to traditional vases, you have to be creative.  Do not be afraid to look in the trash for something to use.  Old bottles like these ones will do.

Reusing Your Perfume


You can also use your old perfume bottles as one of the DIY alternatives to be good to look at and a great conversation piece as well.

Releasing Your Artistic Side


You can also choose the artistic route and use bright colors for your vase.  You can even think of a theme like Halloween for instance.

Opt For The Basics


You can opt to go for a simple pot to use as a vase and place it on your windowsill.

The Pitcher


You can also opt to use your old pitchers from the kitchen.  It will surely look different for your guests to see this.

The Box For Flowers


This is one of the ultimate DIY alternatives to traditional vases that you can certainly use.  Instead of putting your mail by your door, you can use it as a flower vase for your bouquets.

Flower Bag


You can also use your produce bag as a vase if you really want something different to put your flowers in.  It will definitely grab attention and be the talk of the town for many years to come.  People might even emulate your particular brand of flower vases for their own homes.

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