Striped Curtains: Drawing Inspiration

If you would like to get some ideas on how to use your striped curtains for the bedroom or any other room in your house, you should read this article.  We will try to give you some tips on what colors you can combine with your striped curtains to make them pop and add to the beauty of your overall design.

Matching Earth Colors


Depending on the color palette of your entire room, you can hang an earthy toned curtain like this one for added effect.

Blue and White


This color combination definitely will fit a boy’s bedroom or a den just like in this picture.

The Feminine Touch


A lighter shade of blue definitely compliments the striped pattern of this curtain.  In turn, this fit the overall design of the room in this picture.  It gives the perfect amount of feminine touch to this particular room.

The Golden Stripes


This particular design for your striped curtains will definitely fit a much larger room and window.  You also have to make sure that the fabric is not too thick because thick curtains block sunlight and may cause a high room temperature.

The Sun and Striped Curtains


These particular striped curtains seem to be much thinner than the others.  This gives the room with a much cooler atmosphere than the ones before.

Half Striped


If you want something different for your room, why don’t you try this half striped curtain for your windows.  It will definitely be a welcome change for any of your rooms.

The Curtains Outside


Who says that you can only put curtains in your room?  This picture proves otherwise.

A Classic Touch


In this particular interior design, the striped curtains have really brought out the beauty of the room.  It is definitely a great addition to what can already be considered as an ultimately timeless design for your living room.

Bright Colors


Using bright colors like yellow and pink for your own curtain stripes definitely compliments the great physical attributes of this white living room.  It is definitely something to consider if you ever planned to design a room on your own.

Rustic Curtains


These simple yet perfectly tailored striped curtains will fit a rustic style house.  If you’re looking for rustic inspired materials for your own home, this is the one that you should use.  It will remind your guests of the simplicity of living in the provinces.

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