Attractive Backsplash Shelves for Kitchen

For owners with small kitchen who are finding ways to create more storage space, you can consider installing backsplash shelves. You will find these floating shelves hanging right on the backsplash between the overhead cabinets and countertop, and has a small landing strip on the horizontal space. There are lots of things that you can do with your kitchen. Here are some of helpful ideas in designing backsplash shelves for the kitchen.

White Shelves on the Sides to Complement the Lovely Backsplash

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 1

Side Wooden Backsplash Shelves for Kitchen

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 2

The more traditional kitchen, short and thick shelves provide balance around the stove. You can add a built-in lighting in an interesting and visual appeal. The open shelves create a light layout. These open shelves can put everything in place and it will not block natural light.

Open Backsplash Shelves for your Plates and Bowls

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 3

White Open Shelves for your White Bowls, Cups and Plates

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 4

You can also have a simple shelf above the stove, You can place the old pots there to create a lovely design. To make it even more attractive you can color these pots so that the focus will be on the pots.

Multipurpose Open Backsplash Shelves for Kitchen

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 5

Brown Open Shelves Complementing the Stone Motif Backsplash

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 6

If you have a white ceramic backsplash, a thin olive accents and hanging shelves will make your kitchen look organized and clean. This will organize everything in place while you are in front of the stove. In case your pantry storage is limited and you don’t have an extra space for your countertop, the backsplash shelves for the kitchen are better options.

Open Backsplash Shelves Perfect for Bowls, Plates, Cups and Even Serve as Bookshelf

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 7

Shelves Installed at the Top of the Sink

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 8

Hiding your tableware is not a good thing to do. If you are proud of it you can place your plates, cups and bowls on the backsplash shelves to create a lovely decoration. If you have a glossy backsplash, the plain wood shelves are a good choice.

Plates and Bowls Displayed Properly on the Backsplash Shelves

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 9

Closed White Backsplash Shelves for Kitchen

Backsplash shelves for kitchen 10

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