Contemporary Luxury Living Room design

If you are planning to redecorate your living room and transform it into contemporary luxury  living room this article is for you. It includes 10 living room designs to give you an idea on what design will fit your living room.

A Glass Walled Living Room

luxury living room design 11

This modern luxury living room design is inspired by sci-fi movies. This is actually a combination of traditional and contemporary design. The furniture used here are the traditional sofa.

A Combination of Modern and Traditional Living Room

luxury living room design 12 You will love this simple but modern contemporary living room design. The carpet makes it even more appealing.

A Simple Modern Living Room Design

luxury living room design 13 This living room design is perfect if you have a bigger house. The color combination blends perfectly with each other.

Gray painted living room with a touch of peach

luxury living room design 14 This luxurious living room design is very simple but it has made the room look classy and elegant. Choose contemporary furniture to create a modern living room.

A Simple but Elegant Living Room


This luxury living room is perfect for family gathering and if you want to have fun with your friends, since  there is enough space to accommodate them. You can also enjoy watching TV while relaxing on the couch.

A Modern Luxury Living Room Design

luxury living room design 6

This luxurious living room overviews the entire city. This design does not require a lot of furniture a simple sofa where you can sit as you view the city at night.

A Luxurious Living Room Overviewing the City

luxury living room design 7

This artificial fireplace completes your modern living room design. The LED TV and the couch as well as the interior complement each other well.

A luxurious Living Room with Artificial Fireplace

luxury living room design 8

According to experts if you want to make your living room luxurious, you should purchase luxurious furniture.  Just like this living room with white luxurious sofa.

White Luxurious Living Room

luxury living room design 9

If you want to make your living room feel and look luxurious, then make sure that you have purchased the right furniture and other interior design for your living room. If you have smaller room do not choose furniture with too many ornaments.

A Well-Arranged Luxury Living Room

luxury living room design 10

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