Creative DIY Lamp Ideas

There are lots of items that you can use in creating a lamp. All you need is your imagination and some old  items that you have in your house and you will be able to produce a unique and lovely lamp. Here are some creative DIY lamp ideas that you can consider.

An Old Huge Jar Lamp 

creative diy lamp ideas 1

This DIY lamp idea makes use of old map, shaped into a circle and pasted together to produce a big circle. You can other type of paper just make sure that it can withstand hot temperature.

A Lamp Made of  Old Map 

creative diy lamp ideas 4

An easy to do lamp made of old big bottle, electric wire, and cloth. The design was created using a fork.

A Creative Lamp Using Fork

creative diy lamp ideas 5

Who would have thought that these simple things can be converted into something unique and amazing. You can make these items interesting and very useful.

A Hat Lamp

creative diy lamp ideas 6

A Simple Shade Converted into Something Elegant by Adding Feathers on it

creative diy lamp ideas 8

If you want to get rid of the old items that you have in your house, think first before throwing it away. Check out this old baskets converted into a unique lamp.

Lamp Made of Old Baskets

creative diy lamp ideas 11

Fork and Spoon Lamp 

creative diy lamp ideas 13

Collect all your old photos and put it all together to create a unique lamp. This is one way of reminiscing your past.

A Collection of Photos Lamp

creative diy lamp ideas 14

This is a popular DIY lamp idea. Get a ball and create a hole on one part of the ball where you will place the bulb. Then insert this ball in a native round material place the bulb and you will have a lovely lamp.

A Round Native Lamp

creative diy lamp ideas 16

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