Easy-To-Do Handmade DIY Chandeliers

Creating your own chandelier surely takes a lot of time but this handmade DIY chandeliers has made it easier. These DIY chandeliers can convert your home into something elegant and classy. Here are some DIY chandeliers that you can choose from.

Barrel of Light Bulbs Chandelier

DIY handmade chandelier 2

This is somewhat the same as above, however it uses a thinner type of wire to create a web like structure with light bulb at the center.

Web Like Chandelier

DIY handmade chandelier 3

Transform these empty jars into a lovely chandelier. You can get these jars from your friends and relatives. If you want a colorful chandelier you can color these empty jars.

Chandelier Made of Empty Jars

DIY handmade chandelier 1 DIY handmade chandelier 4

Look for some vintage wheel and color it with the shade that you prefer and place the bulbs with different colors to create a colorful handmade chandeliers.

Colorful Vintage Wheel Chandelier

DIY handmade chandelier 5

Don’t throw your old cd’s you can use it in creating a lovely chandelier for your home. This homemade DIY chandelier is easy to make. With the use of a powerful adhesive paste the cds together and don’t forget to provide a space for the bulb.

Chandelier Made of CDs

DIY handmade chandelier 6

Using parts of wood to create a chandelier is a good idea. It does not cost you that much since you can get these parts of the wood on your backyard.

A Cone Shaped Wood Chandelier 

DIY handmade chandelier 7

Abstract Looking Chandelier Using Wood as the primary material.

Abstract Wood Chandelier

DIY handmade chandelier 9

Another amazing handmade DIY chandelier is by using an old barrel. You can paint something on the barrel to create a lovely design.

Chandelier Made of Capiz

DIY handmade chandelier 8

Old Barrel Transformed into Unique Chandelier

DIY handmade chandelier 10

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