Gray Bedroom With Accent Wall: The Ultimate Designs

If you want to get some ideas as to what you can do with a gray bedroom with accent wall in terms of interior design, here are some ideas that you might want to consider.  We hope that can help you find the right patterns and overall color scheme that you would want to use for your home in the future.

Using Frames As An Accent


If you want to try something different for your bedroom, you can try hanging picture frames onto the gray wall.  This will serve as your focal point within the room.  In this particular picture the white frames truly stand out in a gray background.

Gray, White And Black


In this particular picture, the black drawers and white headboard on the bed complimented the silvery gray wall and the other furniture with the same colors.  The shiny accent wall  and curtains even made the bed stand out more.

Gray On White


The gray wall in this certain bedroom serves as a good accent to the white furniture in the room.  It is a good combination of the dark and light colors in the room.

The Illusion Of Space


This is a great combination of white and grey walls that gives the illusion of space for the cramp room.

The Masculine Touch



This gray bedroom with accent wall gives a masculine touch to this part of the house.  The curtains and frames are very good decorations as well.

Different Shades Of Gray


This bedroom with different shades of gray in it gives a more peaceful ambiance for the occupant.  This bedroom is highly recommended if you really want to relax and have a peaceful sleep.

Bright and Artistic


This  gray bedroom with accent wall gives a new meaning to the color.  It shows that the room can still be very bright and artistic even with the gray wall.

Complimenting Colors


Having gray as your palette for a bedroom need not be dreary.  All you have to make sure of is that you complement it  with other colors like white and yellow or orange.

The Gray Color Base




You can use gray as a base or accent color for your bedroom just like this one. It will be a real art piece for sure.

Decorative Paintings On The Wall


If you have a gray accent wall in your bedroom, you can use it to paint your favorite mural design.  It will definitely give your room an edge over the others especially if you are putting it on the market.

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