Home Decorations Made from Recycled Materials – Making Your Interior Unique and Interesting

There is no need for you to spend a lot just to design your house interior. With home decorations made from recycled materials, you can transform your home into something elegant and unique. Spend some time to check around your house for some old magazines, plastic containers, straws and anything that you can use to produce lovely decors.  There are lots of things that you can do with these scraps, some of which are described below.

Lovely Baskets Made of Old Magazines

recycled materials 6

Wall Clock Made of Old Magazines

recycled materials 7


Wall Clock From Old Bicycle Wheel

recycled materials 8

You can collect all your old magazines and create baskets, wall clocks, containers and others. All you need is to use your imagination and some adhesive materials to put these things together. Since most of the magazines are made of glossy materials and are colorful, there is no need for you paint it. However, if you feel like coloring it, you can also do so.

Colorful Plastic Transformed into a Chicken for Displayrecycled materials 1

Chandelier Made of Old CD Case

recycled materials 2

Plant Holder Made of Old Magazines

recycled materials 3

Hamper Made of Colorful Strips of Clothes

Old wine bottles are very useful. You can use these colorful wine bottles as a lovely display by putting candles or light inside it. You can also put some potpourri or scented colorful  paper on it to create a lovely décor. If you check out some DIY store there are some kits that you can purchase to design these bottles.

recycled materials 4

Old Colorful Bottles Used as Lighting Materials

recycled materials 5

Colorful plastic can be used in creating lovely décor. You can use your imagination in creating images and design that you can place on top of the table rack or you can place it on your table. Don’t just throw the things that you thought is useless, with the use of any adhesives and other materials you will be able to create a lovely décor.

Lampshade Made of Colorful Straws

recycled materials 9

Colorful Straws Transformed into Lovely Decors

recycled materials 10

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