Unique and Stylish Bathroom Ideas

Styling your bathroom is not an easy task. Each bathroom has a central theme where the accessories and fixtures are arranged properly. Most of the designs have brightly colored walls and with rich textures. Some have mosaic tiles that look like jewels. Here are unique and stylish bathroom ideas.

The Sink and the Mirror Complement Each Other

stylish bathroom 1

Choosing the right color and design of wallpaper is the secret of having a stylish bathroom. The mirror and the sink combination is one of the secrets of having a relaxing bathroom.

Green wall paper with Rounded Mirrors to create a Unique Look

stylish bathroom 2

An Elegantly Designed Bathroom

stylish bathroom 3

A well-arranged bathroom creates a relaxing place to do your regular routines. Nothing can beat the black and white combination. A brushed nickel faucet with metal frame mirror to provide a gleaming combination with white wall covering .

A Black and White Combination for your Bathroom

stylish bathroom 4


Bathroom with Limited Area

stylish bathroom 5

This royal blue stylish bathroom creates an elegant look bathroom with the mirror and sink complementing each other. These two are considered as the essential accessories of the bathroom.

Royal Blue Well-Arranged Bathroom

stylish bathroom 6

Some bathroom ideas include those that are architecturally designed. There are bathrooms with clad walls with darker paneling and frees the sink from closed-in cabinets, they make the space look bigger and shift the focus on its architectural design.

A Carpeted Stylish Bathroom

stylish bathroom 7

Wooden Walled Bathroom with Glass Door

stylish bathroom 8

In order to make a big statement, it is best to have a bold color. The natural light cannot penetrate the bathroom, you can still have this kind of lighting by having green walls. The white floor and wainscoting balances the green’s intensity.

Bathroom Ideas for Narrow Bathroom

stylish bathroom 9

For bathroom with a narrow space, the focus is drawn upward to its ceiling, by using a lively colored paint on the walls and a classic chandelier you will be able to create an extraordinary bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom Ideas with Bath Tub and Chandelier

stylish bathroom 11

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