Popular Kitchen Countertop Materials

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop will greatly affect the function and overall look of your kitchen. Make sure that the color and texture of your kitchen countertop will complement the other materials used in the room. It does not matter how you use your kitchen, there are some kitchen countertop materials that are more durable as compared to others.

Wood Kitchen Countertop


Glass kitchen countertops are becoming popular because of its sleek and modern design. Homeowners see it as stylish and lovely material. This material provides an attractive contemporary look in your kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop design 2

Quartz is considered as one of the hardest material available. It requires less maintenance and is very durable. Kitchen countertop made of quartz are scratch resistant.

Quartz Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop design 3

For homeowners who are looking for a subtle kitchen countertop soapstone is a good choice. This material is impervious to heat, bacteria and stains, however, as it is softer compared to other natural stones and can be damaged faster.

Soapstone Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop design 4

Granite is the most popular material used for countertop. It is available it different colors and designs which makes it easy to find. It is easy to clean and stays cool. This type countertop is quite expensive.

Granite Kitchen Countertop

kitchen countertop design 7

Solid surfacing countertops are as expensive as granite, but it is maintenance free. Burns and scratches can be cleaned and sanded. Available in wide range of finishes and colors.

Solid Surfacing Kitchen Countertop 

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Stainless steel kitchen countertops are sleek and modern. It is a bacteria and heat resistant, and is very durable with less maintenance. If you are not careful this material may dent and fingerprints can be a nuisance.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Countertop

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Concrete and laminate are both versatile and durable. Both are susceptible to stains, scratches and burns. To deal with this, concrete should be sealed frequently.

Concrete Kitchen Countertop

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Laminate Kitchen Countertop

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