Tie Dye Walls – Interesting design ideas

If you want to give your room a colorful new look, you can consider to tie dye it.  It is a fun and interesting way to design your house interior.  For those who are bored of the traditional color of their house and want to rejuvenate the room this is the best option.

A Lovely Blue Green Tie Die Walls

ocean blue Tie Dye Wall

Striking Pink Tie Die Walls

pink Tie Dye Wall


Tie dye walls offer a different look in any type of rooms. Your visitors will definitely notice it. One of the best place where you can apply this type of design is your child’s bedroom.  Since this is the room in your house where you can associate fun and excitement. This is also a great addition to a dull living room.

Calm Blue Tie Die Wall

beautiful tie Dye Wall

Ecletic Tie Die Walls

Ecletic Tie Die Wall


Tie dye is also a good choice if you prefer to have colorful walls and attract positive energy in your interior design. This can bring your living room into the next level. But keep in mind, that not all colors are vibrant and bright. The pattern applied in tie dye is unique, energizing and fun. However, the colors used are organic and the deep blue colored used in one of the photos are very intriguing. This actually shows what you can do with this trend.

Black Tie Die Walls

accent Tie Dye Wall

Floral Tie Die Walls

Floral Tie Die Walls


The best thing about this trend is the fact that it is a design which you made personally. There is no need to hire a professional in order to do this. Start by creating a sketch of the design that you want on the wall using crayons, chalk or pencil. It will serve as your guide so it will be easier for you to achieve the design that you want.

Abstract Tie Die Walls

Abstract Tie Die Wall

Lively Tie Die Walls

Abstract Tie Die accent wall

You can do it in a free form, in case it is your first time then it is best if you have something to start with. After you have drawn the pattern don’t forget to label it with colors that you want to use. Keep in mind, colors will be overlapping each other. You should coordinate the colors properly.

Colorful Tie Die Walls

aquarel Tie Dye wall pattern

Brown Tie Die Walls 

vintage inspired Tie Dye Wall

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