Contemporary TV Wall Design for Modern Living Room

One of the most essential and central part of the living room is the entertainment section. Normally TV units are positioned on top of the cabinet or install it at the large wall facing the couches. However, these TV wall designs will definitely add some style. These are modern, sleek and with a variety of layout and styling choices. Here are some of the TV wall design ideas for modern living room that you can consider.

TV Wall Design with Stylish Shelves

tv wall design 1

TV Wall Design with Glass Shelves

tv wall design 2

TV is a must have in the living room and it is considered as the focal point in the room. This is the reason why a TV wall design is very popular these days in most living rooms.

TV Wall Design for Bedroom

tv wall design 3

TV Wall Design with TV Only in the Center

tv wall design 6

A TV wall is usually mounted on the wall and most of the time a cabinet is positioned underneath it or you can also place some storage cabinets or wall mounted shelves around or within its area.

TV Wall Beside Stylish Shelves

tv wall design 6

TV Wall Design Emphasizing the TV Screen

tv wall design 5

You can also consider the simpler version, particularly in the case of simple living room decors, the TV wall includes only the TV and nothing else around it. You can combine a TV wall and a fireplace or an artwork display with the TV. However, most people prefer to have a very simple design in the room to make the TV the center of attraction.

TV Wall Mounted on the Brick Wall

tv wall design 8

A Customized TV Wall Rack

Black Diamond Wall Mounted Modern TV Cabinets

To balance the décor, you can add an eye-catching artwork positioned on the opposite wall. There are lots of options that you can consider like the TV wall. For instance, you need to consider the color of the wall, if you prefer it to be the same for the entire room or if you want to paint a frame around the TV.

A Combination of TV Wall and Fireplace Design

tv wall design 10

The feel of the wall is also considered. The TV wall can be emphasized depending on the type of the wall that you have. Choose a TV wall that will fit the texture of your wall.

A Customized Brick Wall to Mount the TV Wall Underneath it is the Fireplace

tv wall design 11

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