Decorating Home With Natural Wood


We must’ve seen various decorative things to beauty homes but have you ever thought that even a chunk of wood from the garden can be used raw to decorate home? Well, it actually can, cause wooden décor has it’s own beauty and style, which can never be compared with anything else. Get ready to be amazed once you check out the ideas that are listed below.

Decorating bookshelf:

This is one of the modern wood décor ideas that will bring a new look to the old furniture. You can make this shelf with wooden planks or just give a new look to the old shelves by just exterior décor. Circular chunks of wood can be attached to the shelf to make it look modern and stunning.


Just cut the wooden log horizontally and you can pierce shallow holes in it to make use of it like a candle holder that will look unique and lovely. This natural décor idea is very cost effective and if you are look for cheap home décor idea, then this is something that you shouldn’t miss.

Flower vase:

Wooden stumps can be used like a flower vase or a flower vase holder by just chipping the center of it. You can place any old vase or bowl in it to place plants and flowers in it.

Wood shelves:

Look at this shelf with small branches that are used as a connector between two shelves that makes it look natural and unique.

Wall décor:

You can cut the wood into any shape or with some specific geometrical patterns and attach them to the walls to make a unique looking attractive wall décor that will cost less and will look much fascinating.

Driftwood mobile:

You can make use of the twigs or branches as a mobile décor by painting them in catchy colored, wrapping it with yarn or just leaving it natural and simple.  Other decorative things like beads and bells can be added to make it look much attractive.

Table runner:

Take a simple wooden pallet and make use of it like a table runner to place candles, and other decorative things on it.

Wooden plank wall:

You can decorate the walls of your bedroom or living room with wooden planks to make them look very much rustic and like a traditional countryside décor.

Entryway stands:

Make use of wooden logs like stands to place purses, flowers, books and you can also hang bags and shawls. This kind of entryway décor will look very much different.




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