The Advantages of Having A Great Kitchen Island Designs

Most of us are having a hard time finding ways of how to keep our kitchen organized. Having a kitchen island is the best solution. This will not only solve the problems for storage but it will likewise add beauty to your kitchen. There are lots of designs that you can consider. You can choose from mobile kitchen island designs or seating area kitchen islands.

A Round Shape Kitchen Island with Storage Space Underneath

kitchen island design 11

An Elegant Glass Kitchen Island with Wood Counter Top

Kitchen Island Designs 3

One of the advantages of having a kitchen island is the additional storage it provides. If you have a smaller kitchen, having a compact kitchen is the best option. If you don’t have enough space for cabinets, you can have it underneath the islands since it does not interfere with the preparation area.

A White Simple Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Designs 4

A Semi-Circle Kitchen Island with Glass Counter and Extended Serving Area

Kitchen Island Designs 6

If you want the stove accessible from different parts of the room, the mobile kitchen island design is perfect for your kitchen. This will also enable two or more people prepare and cook the food at the same time.

A Kitchen Island Connected to the Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Island Designs 7

A White Semi-Circle Kitchen Island


If you need an extra counter space, a movable kitchen island provides more room if you need to cook a huge meal so that you can move easily. Once you are done cooking, you keep your kitchen island out of the way. This type of kitchen island is best if you have smaller kitchen.

A Maroon Colored Kitchen Island with Wood Counter Top

Kitchen Island Designs 10

A Small but Functional Kitchen Island with Storage Spaces Underneath

Kitchen Island Designs 11

The kitchen islands are very functional, you can also use it as the study table for your kids while you prepare and cook for dinner. Since you don’t have anything dangerous in it, your kids are safe. The kitchen island can also function as a place where you can serve meals. Choose the one that is very functional and at the same time provide a lovely effect which can improve the look of your kitchen.

A Medium Size Kitchen Island Perfect for Small Kitchen

Kitchen Island Designs 12

A Normal Size Kitchen Island with Shelves Underneath

Kitchen Island Designs 9

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