DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas for Small Bathroom

Whether you choose to get the service of an expert or not, designing a small bathroom is hard. If you install a wrong décor, your small room becomes even smaller. But, if you know how to decorate your home properly and remodel a small bathroom it is worth the effort if the outcome is positive. Here are some DIY bathroom décor ideas for small bathroom to transform your small bathroom into something special.

Used Container to Place Your Bathroom Accessories

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A Pair of Rectangular Mirror for Proper Illumination

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Colorful Bins as Organizer with Old Glass and VaseDIY bathroom decor ideas

To give the illusion of bigger space you can use pale colors on the walls and floor. Don’t use strong colors except for towels, decorations and accessories. Replace the frosted-glass shower doors or shower curtain with clear glass. It will open up the shower area, which makes it a part of the entire room and make it look as if you have more space.

Simple Bathroom Accessories Organizer

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An Elegantly Designed Mirror with Matching Bathtub

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DIY Shelve Organizer

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If you have other linen or storage closet, replace the vanity cabinet with a wall mount sink or pedestal sink. Instead of the vanity cabinet with a pedestal or a wall-mount sink, you can use an alternative storage or a linen closet. Although the additional floor space is of no use, it will trick the eye, thinking that the room is bigger.

Colorful Curtain and Mirror in White Paint

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Twigs to Decorate the Bathroom

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In case the bathroom does not have natural light, you can use recessed lighting. It is modest and it will not bring the ceiling down and make the room look shorter, also it can position anywhere and focused on any task area. If it is possible, install a bigger window or you can open up the curtains. Using a window treatment that is partially open, maybe on top. Tubular or regular skylights are great options to let the sun in.

Unique DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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Decorative Frames Lined Up on the Walls

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