The simple way to hang pictures

Picture Perfect: the simple way to hang pictures :

I do love a bit of home decorating and if that means a bit of handy work like painting, hammering, glueing, sewing and the like – bring it on!However there is one thing that always makes me a bit nervous. Hanging pictures. I feel like banging a picture hook into my wall is so final. What if I mess it up?I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put the hook out of alignment, changed my mind about the position or chipped the paint. And then if you are in a rental property you have to remove hooks and try and fix the mess you’ve made of the wall before you can get your bond back. Nightmare! The perils of picture hanging are endless.So, while I was setting up the nursery for my little monkey and wanting to add some cute pictures and art to her room, I discovered the 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips.These are totally fool proof! Each picture strip uses two strips which when pressed together lock. You then take the tape off one side and place it on to the back of the frame. For the canvas in my little monkey’s room I just needed two strips. Then you simply press the picture on to the wall in the desired position and hey presto!

The simple way to hang pictures
And the best thing is when it comes time to take down your picture – just like the other 3M products they come off really easily with no marks or damage to your paint work. Phew! I highly recommend these picture hanging strips if you want to get creative and showcase your favourite prints, art work or photos.I found these great examples of picture clusters to get you inspired as well as a couple of clever picture layout plans and suggestions that might be helpful.How to plan a gallery wall :  Very smart idea!BeforeHow to plan a gallery wallAfter

How to plan a gallery wall 2

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