7 DIY Designs for Your Headboards

If you want to have the best when it comes to shabby chic headboard designs, then you came to the right article.  This text contains a lot of photos and examples as to what you can do with your whitewashed headboards as soon as you get them.  Hopefully, you will get inspiration from this list and be able to create your own design sooner or later.

The first picture shows that you can use a few old planks of wood to create your very own headboard.  All you have to do is to paint over it for the whitewashed effect and you’ll get the desired look sooner than you expected.

Source: amommyslifewithatouchofyellow

This specific look gives a rustic feel to your bedroom for sure.  Sometimes, everything does not have to look brand new.  All you need to have is a good presentation for a certain space in your house and everything else will follow.


Source: farmhouse38

With this particular headboard design, you can opt not to paint over it.  You just have to put some varnish and you’ll have what you need.


Source: crystalandcomp

The next picture gives an air of simplicity to your room.  It will also give you an opportunity to personalize your room even further.  It is definitely something that would be worth exploring if you are designing your own whitewash bedroom and headboard in the future.


Source: smartgirlstyle

 This particular design is a direct contrast to the wall.  This is why it makes it unique and different from all other headboard designs.  If you really want your shabby chic headboard to stand out, this is the way to go.


Source: theroosterandthehen

You can also go for a simple black and white motif in the bedroom.  This way, your whitewash headboard will definitely fit the bill.  I am sure that you will enjoy working like this very soon.


Source: ana- white

For the last project, here is the headboard with useful compartments that can definitely give your room in the same kind of look.  If you are going for a simple but cozy feel for your bedroom, this is the one you should choose.


Source: thedesignduoblog

Overall, a shabby chic interior design plan is something that can very well help you in saving a lot of cash and time.  With these ideas, you will be able to recycle your old headboards, and make them feel brand new again.  As I said earlier, DIY projects like these can definitely help you improve your skills around the house as well as your artistic talents in the future.

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