Industrial Chic: 13 Concrete Furniture Designs for Your Home

If you’re looking for furniture designs to use for your own home, why don’t you try using concrete as a base material?   If you do this, you would look forward to a more durable furniture set that will be easier to maintain in the future.  Here are some tips on how you can use concrete furniture when it comes to designing your house.

In this picture, you will be able to see the fragmentation of using concrete for the living room.  It looks more detailed and sturdier than all other furniture pieces for sure.


Source: 4barewalls

Now, you see a durable desk lamp that will not only give you strong lighting.  It will also provide you with a furniture piece that will last for a very long time.


Source: nimidesign

Another concrete lamp that will certainly be a good centerpiece for your study.


Source: cottagemarket

Here’s a stone stool that is not only durable, but also steady.  You will not easily lose balance if you decide to sit on this piece of concrete furniture.


Source: remodelista

Aside from being an outdoor furniture piece, this entryway can serve as an illuminated fireplace inside your house.


Source: homedit

A cylindrical table that is quite unique for a special kind of house.


Source: thepapermama

A concrete pillar for your candle holders may just be what you need to have a relaxing evening at home.


Source: inmyownstyle

The concrete table clock that is built for those who likes to work through the night.  You’ll never have reason to be late again.


Source: instructables

This cement table top will definitely give a new meaning to table setting.  All you need to have now is a tablecloth for this and you’ll be all set.


Source: diypete

In this particular worktable, the concrete tabletop makes a significant difference.  It gives the computer a secure surface to be erected on which adds to the safety of the table.


Source: instructables

A solid center table for those who would like to have more space in their living room.


Source: oliosdesign

Have you ever tried using a marble dining table?  This is your chance to do so.


Source: alewoodfurnitureco 

Lastly, is a small coffee table that will definitely add spice to your room.  If you have less space but he would still want to have something to place your chinaware whether in your bedroom or in the living room, this is the best concrete furniture that you can have for sure.


Source: familyhandyman

These are just some of the furniture designs that you’ll be able to use in your own house.  With a little bit of creativity, concrete furniture can definitely go a long way.



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