14 Innovative Dining Table Makeovers You Can Do By Yourself

If you really want to have the best dining table in the state, it is important that you follow these tips on how to make some changes to the table on your own.  Two of the easiest ways for you to change your dining table would be to distress it or use stencils.  The following are additional makeover tips will help you create a brand new dining table out of the old one for sure.  Here they are as follows:

1. You can try putting varnish on your dining table like this one so that it can have the air of elegance and did not have before.


Source: lindahomeiswheremyheartis

2. This one is a good example of a distressed dining table that will match any kitchen interior design plans that you may have.


Source: frugalmomeh.com

3. This is one way of working with glass on top of your table.  It is certainly something different from conventional table designs.


Source: addictedtodecorating

4. Repainting your old dining room tables and chairs can also be a good way to reinvent the set.


Source: prettyprovidence

5. This is an example of a stylized and stained dining room table top that will match a vintage interior design for a kitchen.


Source: redhenhome

6. In this picture, you can see a distressed table that will definitely go well with a rustic themed house.



7. This specific table makeover design will certainly fit a minimalist interior.


Source: acutedesigns

8. You can also go black and white.  A black table top accentuated with white table legs and chairs will definitely give new life to your kitchen.


Source: shineyourlightblog

9. Going back to the basics.  A plain white table does the trick for this room.


Source: abubblylife

10. Another stenciled table that definitely shows the artist in you.


Source: domesticimperfection

11. A wooden table top that has been distressed and varnished to perfection.  Isn’t it a great idea?


Source: somuchbetterwithage

12. Connecting old pieces of wood to make a new dining table will definitely work as well like this one.


Source: sweetiepiepumpkinnoodle

13. This one reminds me of a grandmother’s dining area.  It will certainly feel cozy for anyone who would use it.


Source: redouxinteriors

14. You can also go about refinishing your dining table if you would like to try something new.


Source: East Coast Creative Blog

These are just some of the many possible interior design makeovers that you can do for your own dining table.  Just remember to inject your own personality whenever you’re trying to change the way your dining table looks.  Some designers go about designing by how they feel about certain subjects.  You can do the same when making over your dining table for sure.


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