Top 13 Beautiful Stencil Designs For Your Door

Do you want to change the way your door looks, but do not know where to start?  Why don’t you try painting over your doors?  However, this is not a simple paint job.  You would have to use many different colors and a little bit of creativity to create something new out of your old door.  Here are some good interior design tips that can help you decide what new look you can use for your doors in the future.

1. If you’re into pretty and bright colors a pink and white color palette will certainly do you some good.  Below is an example.


Source: homedit

2. This red ray door certainly provides something different to look at.  You can choose something different in terms of color, but use the same pattern if you want.


Source: lushome

3. The stenciled flower patterns certainly provide beauty and edge over all other doors in the neighborhood.


Source: pinterest

4.This particular border stencil definitely looks extremely enigmatic.  It will make onlookers curious as to what’s behind the door.


Source: woodvaledesigns

5. The polygon shaped pattern that matches the stairs truly makes for a beautiful piece.


Source: remodelista

6. This black and white stencil that looks like a maze will definitely add some life to your room for sure.  You can use is both in the office or for your own bedroom door.


Source: housebeautiful

7. Another set of polygon stencils that definitely match the design of the kitchen chairs.  You just need to stretch your creativity a little bit to get your desired results.


Source: liveinternet

8. A simple stencil design that will capture anyone’s heart.


Source: batinnhadat

9.  Here’s something unique for you.  Who says you cannot combine different patterns for one door?  This picture proves you can.


Source: lushome

10. If you want to stick to the blue coloring, why not use different shapes instead?  Circles and stars should do the trick for your bathroom door.


Source: lushome

11. This particular stencil reminds me of a brick pattern that definitely gives something new to complement the overall design of the house.


Source: lushome

12.The golden squares remind me of wealth and prosperity.  You can use symbolic colors like this one for your doors or just your favorite hue.  Either way, it will certainly look good.


Source: lushome

13. This particular bathroom stencil for shower doors reminds me of stained glass designs in the church.  You will definitely have something beautiful to look at if you decide to take this route with your stencil design.



These are just some of the major stencil designs that you can do for your doors.  You have to consider a lot when doing this.  What colors will match the room itself?  What kind of materials will you use?  As long as you can match these things with the overall design of your room, you will be successful in redecorating your doors.

So beautiful and bright  stenciled door design, inspired by indian sari patternsdiy stenciled door indian design

check out for tutorial here

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