5 Different Paint Pattern Recommendations You Can Do For Your Furniture

If you’re looking to change up your furniture, painting is the best way that you can do it without spending too much money.  However, those who don’t know much about interior design tend to be trapped in using only one color for painting.  Well, there is good news for you.  You can experiment with different patterns when painting.  While there are many things to consider, you can sell experiment with different looks and patterns that you would like to have in the future.  Here are some of those patterns as follows:

You can use a plaid pattern for your cabinets and other furniture pieces that you may want to alter a bit.  This will give it a vintage look that will certainly fit the entire household without any difficulty.  It will also fit the rustic house design perfectly.

PaintingFurniturePlaid 1

Source: househoneys

The Chevron pattern is very popular among interior designers and some of them say that this popularity will continue for a few more years.  Using this pattern on some of your drawers and cabinets will give it a more contemporary feel and the necessary update for sure.

PaintingFurnitureChevron 2

Source: astepinthejourney

Harlequin patterns will definitely give your furniture a magical and whimsical feeling to it.  It requires measurement and precision to be done right though.  So if you really want to use this pattern, you have to have patience and a lot of time on your hands.

PaintingFurnitureHarlequin 3

Source: twicelovely

Using stripes can definitely add an updated look to your furniture for sure.  It also give an optical illusion of length for those smaller pieces of furniture and perhaps give some debt and space to furniture as well.  So if I were you, I will definitely give this one a try sooner or later.

PaintingFurnitureStripes 4

Source: centsationalgirl

Zebra stripes can also give something different to your furniture.  Using these can definitely give a positive reflection on your personality as well.  It can portray you as an adventurous type of person that is not afraid to experiment with things on things like color and pattern.  This design definitely is worth trying out.

PaintingFurnitureZebra 5

Source: craptastickatie

If you really want to experiment with your furniture and paint, you should not be afraid of trying out anything new.  Doing this whole exercise will definitely improve your creativity and personality as a whole.  So if I were you, it will definitely give myself a chance to explore my artistic side and possibly learn more about the art of painting in the process.

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