Black And White Décor: What Can You Do About It?

If you truly want something different for your bedroom or any other place in your house, you have to try out using black and white as your basic colors.  In my opinion, these colors will give you a more sophisticated update you can definitely use, especially if you are aiming for a more mature look than the one you had before.  Here’s some additional tips that you can definitely do on your own if ever you are going to design the room yourself.

First of all, you can use black and white sheets and stripes for your bedroom canopy like this one.  It will definitely give your bedroom a whimsical look.


Source: danang.intercontinental

If you want to use it for your outdoor living room sets, go right ahead.  It will fit every season and every design that you may have in mind in the future.


Source: housebeautiful

Using a black and white pattern for your dining room chairs like this will definitely give it a charming atmosphere.  Why don’t you give it a try?


Source: traditionalhome

You can also use black trimming on white walls as well as your chairs.  It will definitely give you something different to look at every day.


Source: jhinteriordesign

You can also mix it up a bit by adding your favorite neutral colors for your own living room like this.  It will definitely make the black and white patterns standout even more.


Source: ruemagazine

You can also use the black and white paint for your kitchen island.  It definitely needs an illusion of space and breaks the monotony of the dark colors of the cabinets.


Source: jeanallsopp

If you want to experiment a bit, trying to use different patterns and layer them with black and white coloring.  It will definitely make your personality shine even more.


Source: housebeautiful

If you want rework your tiles, do not hesitate to use black and white patterns and color derivatives such as gray.  You’ll never regret it for sure.


Source: architecturaldigest

To add some drama to any part of your house, why don’t you try using black and white curtains as a focal point of the room?  It will definitely give them room a classic feel.


Source: adoremagazine

If you want to work when something bright aside from black and white patterns, choose gold.  It will give them room something bright that contrasts the dark elegance and sophistication of any room that you choose to use the colors in.


Source: meganwinters

These are just some of the many ways for you to experiment with black and white as a basic color pair.  This article also goes to show how important black and white are for interior design.





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