Decorative DIY Garland Ideas

Decorating home with garland during festive and celebrations makes it look grand and beautiful, you can think of unique materials to make a garland than the usual flowers, fruits and leaves. Listed below are some of the unique materials that you can use to make a decorative garland that will adorn your home in brightness and beauty.

heart garland


Cherry garland with balloons:

Look at these cherries in the garland that looks so deliciously beautiful as the balloons tied together in neat row along with faux green leaves out of fabric makes it look so fabulous.

balloon cherry garland

Beach garland:

This is a very simple garland that can be used for beach weddings, beach themed events or at times even at home to remind you of those beautiful moments spent earlier at the beach. Simply make use of all the shells, star fishes and sea glasses to make a garland where you can tie them to a long rope.

beach garland

Bird garland:

This is just a sample garland where the bird can be made out of fabric like an appliqué or you can make the bird out of cardboard too. Also you can cut out many such similar shapes instead of birds to make the garland decorative with something that you like.

bird garland

Colorful crochet garland:

Look at these crochet patterns that are joined together to form a garland. You can attach colorful crochet of various sizes in descending order or of similar size to form a garland like this. It will look unique and colorful too!

crochet garland

Cupcake liner garland:

Save all the cupcake liners for you might require them later on for some craftwork like this. You can simply fold the liners into halves and attach them to a lengthy string to form a colorful garland.

cupcake liner garland

Candy garland:

Make a candy garland on your own that will look colorful, taste sweet and look delicious. These garlands can be eaten once the celebrations are over. This is one of the edible garland varieties that you can think of. You can make garland out of real sweets and candies, or simply make an artificial one.

candy garland


Gold pine cone garland:

Dip the pine cones in gold glitters and make them into a shiny garland that will look beautiful and glittering. They are simple to make and will suit best during the winter celebrations.

glitter garland



Tassel garland idea:

You can make tassel out of paper, ribbons of out of old clothes and tie them onto a string and you can get a beautiful tassel garland for decorating your home.

paper tassel garland

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