Driftwood art : The Best Design Material for your home

Using driftwood as part of your decorative plans for your house is something that can be very beneficial for you as a designer. If you want to learn more about how you can make use of driftwood design plans in the future, do not forget to read this article as soon as you can. We will definitely give you some tips on how you can utilize this piece of wood effectively so that you can have something different inside your house in terms of decorations.

Driftwood Wall Garden

This is one of the best ways for you to utilize driftwood effectively in terms of being a decorative ornament. All you need is a piece of driftwood, nails, hooks and so on plans that would not need soil to survive.


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The first thing you need to do about it is to get rid of the bacteria in the driftwood by running it through cold water. After this, you need to screw the hooks and nails onto the walls to create a place for the driftwood to hang on. Afterwards, you can proceed to hanging this piece of decorative ornament. Remember to place the plant in water for once or twice a week to maintain freshness.

Driftwood Hangers

Driftwood Hanger

You can also make use of driftwood to make clothes hangers. You can do this by making sure that you have a piece of driftwood, dry branches, wire cutters, pliers, glue, saw and a drill. You can start by peeling off the bark of the branches. After this, you can drill a hole in the middle of the branch and to stick the hook using strong glue. Hang it out to dry and it’ll be ready in a few hours.

how to make driftwood hanger

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Driftwood Table Lamps


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This is a more complex project that you can begin. You can do this if you have more patience and creativity. You start, you would have to have driftwood and some standard lamp parts. You can either make the temporary lamp or a permanent one. To make the former, you would have to attach the pieces of the driftwood onto the base using wire or tape. To make it more permanent, use strong glue to keep the driftwood in place.

Rustic driftwood Wreath


If you would rather go for decoration instead of function, a wreath is the perfect ornament that you can make. For this, you will need smaller pieces of wood. You can put them together in a circle using hot glue. This will make a nice decoration for your doorway or even just any entryway to your house.

rustic-driftwood-wreath DIY

making rustic-driftwood-wreath

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The Candle Holdersdriftwood candle holder

This is another more complex project that you can embark on. To begin this, you would have to have a large piece of driftwood that is preferably longer than usual. You will also need candles, a drill and a screwdriver. To get things started, you have to mark the places where you would want to have holes for the candles. After making them, you can proceed to drill holes in the driftwood by using the drills or a chisel, screwdriver or the hammer.

driftwood candle holder DIY

driftwood candle holder tutorial

driftwood candle holder  , how to

driftwood candle holder table centerpiece

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You can now place the candles inside the holes and complete your decor.

Driftwood Wall Garden Panels
Inspired by Parisian wall gardens, modular panels paired with easy-care tillandsias to create a living wallDriftwood Wall art with plants


These are just some of the many driftwood decorations that you can do in your own house. Hopefully, you will be able to find an idea that can be useful to you in terms of design and function. If you want to learn more, do not hesitate to read more of our articles.


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