Interesting And Joyous Wedding Send Off Ideas

Wedding send offs should usually be exciting, unique and joyous to mark the end of the celebrity in a glorious manner. You can think of some of the interesting ideas to send of the couple or just look at some of the fabulous ideas listed below that will surely make you say “wow”. These are some of the top interesting ideas that not only will the couples enjoy as they pass through it but even the friends and family will have fun time executing them.

wedding send off

Balloons send off idea:

Balloons are one of the traditional ideas and you can make use of heart shaped balloons instead of normal ones and fill it with helium gas so that these balloons can fly in the air. Wouldn’t it be lovely to see hearts on air?

balloon send off

Soap bubble send off:

As kids we all would have loved the soapy bubbles and now you can bring back those lovely ideas on your friend or a cousins wedding. Blow these bubble as the couples exit the place, they would enjoy it and so would you.

bubble send off

Confetti/ party poppers:

Who said that party poppers are just for new years and birthdays? You can make use of these poppers on your weddings days or on your beloved’s wedding ceremony and it will look colors and great.

confetti poppers

Flying wish lanterns:

These traditional flying wish lanterns are not only a traditional way to send off the couple but it will also be fun to wish for something and let them go in the air. These beautiful lanterns will make the night look gloriously bright and beautiful.

flying lanterns

Glow sticks:

Glow sticks are another beautiful idea that you can implement if the wedding takes place late in the evening. These lovely glowing materials will make the place look bright and gleaming in joy. You can just toss it in air once the couple exits and the view would be awesome.

glow sticks

Ribbons and bells:

A simple yet a lovely idea for all the girls who would wish for something girlie on your friends weddings is to tie ribbons, lace and jingle bells to the wand and wave it during their exit.

ribbon and bells

You can also make use of colorful satin ribbons alone on the wand to make it look colorful and bright.

ribbon wand send off

Fresh rose petals:

Flowers are one of the oldest ideas yet a fresh one forever. You can make cones and fill it with some colorful rose petals and distribute each of the cones to the guest as they can throw them in the air while the couple walks out in the aisle.

rose petals

Sparklers exit:

Just like the wands sparklers are another lovely idea to give a sparkling exit to the couple during late evenings.

sparkler send off


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