Mini Bottles As Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are always a delight to give and take! You can give away cute little mini bottles as wedding favors on your wedding and they will look absolutely pretty. Think of anything that will fit into the mini bottle and either make it on your own or purchase these small ones to give away.

sparkling wine

olive oils

Ketchup delight:

Who wouldn’t love ketchup or is there any home without ketchup? You can give away these mini ketchup bottles tied in little ribbons around their neck to your guests. Maybe also accompany it with a burger or sandwich.

ketchup bottles

Cool colas:

Enjoy the day by giving away mini cola bottles to your friends and family and you can place them in small cartons with a monogram of the family printed on it or with table numbers or just any sayings on them.

mini colas

Sweet honey favors:

Give away mini honey bottles as favors in return of the sweet arrival on your wedding day! Aren’t weddings a sweet beginning to a new chapter of your life? Why not celebrate it with honey?

mini honey

Beach favor mementos:

If you are conducting a beach wedding then give away mini bottles filled with sand, shells and your couple name along with the date of the wedding in the bottle. This will be one of the best take always as they can save it forever and it will always remind of your fantastic wedding day.

beach favors

Flavored sugar:

This is another sweet delight to treat your guests with, as you can fill the tiny test tubes with colored and flavored sugars topped with a cork and ribbon. This will look very cute and colorful on the favors table.

flavored sugar

Glittering champagne bottles:

Buy mini champagne bottles and dip it in glitters and you can give away these glittering bottles to your guests as they can drink and merry on this beautiful day. You can also paint the champagne bottles with your name and wedding day on it.

glittering champagne bottles

Mini milk bottles:

Make use of the old mini milk bottles and recycle them in filling it with candies and attach name tags or stickers to it and this will also help as escort cards and little delightful favors too.

mini milk bottles

Thank you note:

Fill the small bottles with a letter in it saying thank you or any other words that you would like to convey to your guests. This can also serve as a souvenir in remembrance of your wedding day.

thank you note


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