Old Shutter Door Recycle Ideas – DIY project

Recycle the old shutter doors in your house into something useful and attractive that will save you money in purchasing a new one or an idea to recycle the shutter than to throw them away. There are various things that you can make out of a shutter door and they don’t require much of carpentry skill but you can simply make them at ease. Look at the ideas listed below to be amazed by them and you will want to implement them at home.



Entryway coat hanger idea:

Simply attach the shutter to the wall with some hooks attached to the border of the doors where you can make use of it to hang coats, bags, umbrellas etc. this will be very useful and a unique idea in the entryway of your home.

coat rack

Envelope holder:

Just let the shutter door lean against the wall where you can make use of the shutter spaces to organize the envelopes. You needn’t look for a fabric holder where it couldn’t holder beyond only limited envelopes but this is some much more durable than fabric holders.

envelope holder


Garden shutter wall décor:

Make use of shutters to decorate the garden walls by spray painting them in beautiful colors and attaching the shutters to the walls as it will look like a beautiful secret pathway in the garden or a wall of colorful shutters will make it more beautiful.

garden shutter ideas

Magazine rack:

Make use of old shutters to make a magazine rack where you can easily hang the magazines at ease and manage them easily. This will help you display all the magazines in an orderly fashion in your living room or reading room.

book rack


Planter holder:

Just make use of the shutters in your garden or balcony to tie the pots in the shutters doors and this will not only save space but also help you display all the small herbs planters in a neat manner.

diy planter rack


Plate holders:

Just lay the shutter horizontally and you can place each of the plates in the shutter space and help them dry well. This will help you organize the plates effectively in the kitchen or in your dining area.

plate holder

Shabby chic headboard:

Look at this shabby chic bedroom where you can design the walls of the bedroom with old shutters and make it look like a headboard.

shabby chic headboard

Table runner idea:

Look at this table runner that makes the table look very stylish and beautiful. The majestic black shutter on a brown table makes it look attractive.

table runner


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