Various stylish Diy Coffee Table Designs

Various stylish Diy Coffee Table Designs :

If you really would like to have something different for your living room, why don’t you try using different materials for your coffee table.  This experiment will certainly liven up your living room without much difficulty in the future.  If you want to learn more, please read these tips on how you can jazz up your coffee tables as easy as pie.

First of all, why don’t you use a wooden block for a coffee table instead of the traditional one?  Doing this will allow you a different canvas to exercise  your creativity on.  It will certainly be something different to look at every day.

stump coffee table

Source: apartmenttherapy

If you want to spice things up, why don’t you put lighting under the table instead of over it?  Like the coffee table in the picture, it will certainly bring a whole new look to your living room sooner than you think.

coffee table with light

Source: realsimple

You can also use poufs and put it under the table to provide more seating for guests.  You can also get rid of the table and use of the poufs as the center table by a tray on top of it.

coffee table with poufs

Source: stylemepretty

You can use anything with a flat surface as a table if you don’t have a table.  This picture shows a perfect example of substituting a coffee table with anything with a surface.  In this case, we can see stools as a table substitute.

stools DIY coffe tables

Source: housebeautiful

And now we go back to the blocks.  You can only use one block or a few blocks depending on what the needs of the living room space area.

wooden  blocks as DIY coffee tables

Source: commutehomeinc

Who knew that you can use suitcases as a coffee table by stacking one on top of another?  This picture certainly shows you how.

suitcases DIY coffee table

Source: bhg

You can also use coffee tables with various shapes and sizes!  Here is a perfect example of a whimsical elephant table which will definitely add flair to your living room.

 whimsical elephant table

Source: lonny

Making your coffee table kid friendly certainly is a good idea.  You can paint it with chalkboard paint so that the kids can use it as their own scoreboard during games or art canvas.  Either way, make sure that your kids will enjoy it as much as you do.

chalkboard coffee table

Source: bhg

You can also be creative and use an outdoor coffee table which can have both style and function.  As shown in the picture below, it can serve as an additional storage unit or an outdoor fire pit.  Whichever way you may choose to use it, it will certainly come in handy sooner or later.

outdoor fire pit as coffee table

Source: bhg

You can also use, storage chests to serve as a coffee table.  Like many others, it can also serve as an additional storage unit because of this size and shape of the trunk.  This is why you should never hesitate to try something new once in a while.  It will definitely give you a new perspective on things.

 chest coffee table

Source: theeverygirl

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