Working With Bookshelves and Cases: The Top 7 Designs You Can Have

It is every book lover’s dream to have a functional bookshelf or case that they can use for their own personal book collection.  This is why some of them go to great lengths to make sure that they would be able to get the best bookshelf out there in terms of design and function.  Well, the good news is that you wouldn’t have to wait further to buy the fanciest book case around.

This article will give you an idea as to how you can work with your bookshelves and make them brand new again depending on your own personal taste.

The first step that you can take would be to work with pastel colors when it comes to painting your bookshelves.  Do not forget to have a coordinated color scheme whenever you use bright colors for your bookshelves.  By doing this, you will not let your bookshelves become a hodgepodge of color which can be very unsightly to look at.

DecoratingBookshelves01 multicolor

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If you’re still planning out your bookshelf, constructing it with varying heights will allow you to gain visual interest and creativity to the bookcase.  It will also create movement and order because of the varying sizes of books that you may have in the future.

DecoratingBookshelves02 adjustable

Source: sharonportnoy

Adding glass doors is one way for you to protect your bookshelves from dust accumulation in the future.  It will also give your bookshelf sophistication and style in the long run.  So why don’t you give it a try?

DecoratingBookshelves03 glass

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You can also hang artwork on the front of your bookshelves to create a different focal point for your eyes.  It will definitely give you something unique to look at each day.

DecoratingBookshelves04a artwork

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Painting your bookshelves a color that contrasts the wall will work to your advantage because it will make them stand out effectively.  This will work well especially if your both cases are built in.  So if you plan to build a bookcase that is built into the wall, this is the way to go for you.

DecoratingBookshelves05 contrast

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If your books already have so much color as well as some of the accessories that you’re going to use for your bookcase design, paint your bookcase all white.  This will give contrast to an already colorful bookcase to begin with.

DecoratingBookshelves06 color

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Simplicity is key.  When building a bookcase, focus on the most important stuff that you can put in there.  Do not overcrowd your bookcase.  Choose smaller accessories to create more space for the books that you really want to read.  This way, the clutter won’t distract the onlooker from focusing on the books themselves.

DecoratingBookshelves07 simple

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So which one do you like the best?

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