Coastal Designs: Inspiration from the Sea

When doing some interior design projects for your own house, it is extremely important that you are able to take the value of relaxation into consideration. Fortunately, there are definite design inspirations that you can utilize to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in your own house. One way for you to do this is to incorporate a coastal design or beach theme to your design.

Here are some beach and coastal design inspirations that you can try to make your room more relaxing in the future.

First, you can use a huge shell framed mirror like this one to give your living room or any other part of the house more character.


Source: Lonny

Another thing that you can do is to use white pillows for your dining room like this one.

Dining room

Source: Coastal Living

Here is the perfect fusion of modern and classic coastal themes that you will definitely enjoy. The shabby chic quality adds a charming quality to the design.


Source: Coastal Living

This shabby chic center table in the living room will definitely complete your coastal design plans. Why don’t you give it a try?


Source: Circa Lighting

An  undersea inspiration like this one can work for your living room. The white color scheme completes the dreamy design.


Source: Nautique Cape Cod

Light colors like white and soft blue will definitely match the beach theme of your living room. The picture shows you exactly how it can work.


Source: Boston Magazine

A perfect mix of modern and coastal. With the bright colors and coastal theme, what more can you ask for?


Source: Elle Decor

Here you can see how elegance and sophistication can be mixed with a coastal design.


Source: Palm Beach Daily News

The most effective furniture pieces for your coastal living space are antique and rustic pieces. These will remind the owner of the various adventures that he or she has had all throughout the years. Putting your various collections on display can also work in coastal design.


Source: House Beautiful

This bar/kitchen has a laid back feel to it. Evidently, a surfer lives here.


Source: Ashley Gilbreath

If you have a shell collection you would like to show off, this would be a fun way to display it don’t you think?


Source: Elle Decor

Strewn poufs like this one can definitely add beauty to your coastal living room design for sure.


Source: Beautifully Coastal

If you are going for tranquility along with a coastal design, this is perfect for you.


Source: Interiorholic

This shows the perfect combo of simplicity and glamour in one room. It’s definitely worth considering.


Source: Lonny

Nothing says peace and quiet like a day in the beach. So, if you can’t go there, these designs will take it to you.

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