Different Ways To Work With Exposed Brick

Working with brick can be extremely beneficial to your household.  It will certainly give you a feeling of coziness that you won’t find in any other property.  It will also give you a rustic environment that your family will definitely enjoy.  If you want to learn more about working with exposed brick for your property, you can do the right article.  Here are some spaces that can inspire you to work on your own house in the future.

First of all, you’ll have to take note of the style.  Just because aim for simple living, doesn’t necessarily mean that you should forgo beautifying your own house.  These painted white brick walls definitely begs to differ from the norm.

19 exposedbrick blue

Source: Remodelista

Secondly, you have to make sure that your brick walls will work well with the various accents that you may wish to put in one specific root of your house.  Just like this one, you should let bland to the entirety of the room.

20 accent wall

Source: Stadshem

Another way for you to use exposed brick is to maintain the history of the house.  If you already got the house with the brick structures already intact, all you have to do is to maintain it even further and everything else will fall into place.

21 ceiling

Source: Country Living

You can mix the contemporary furniture set that you have with a brick wall by doing it in such a way that you will add accents to each furniture.  This will certainly make it pop and stand out eventually.

22 contemporary

Source: New-York-Cottages-Gardens

You can use brick arcs as dividers from room to room while maintaining the artistic value of the house.  The picture below shows you how it should be done.

23 brick arch

Source: Freshome

Adding shelves and molding to the brick walls definitely makes it unique among other similar designs.

24 crown molding

Source: opaldesigngroup

Placing a white staircase beside the brick wall surely makes it stand out as compared to other parts of the house.  Otherwise, it will definitely look like another boring staircase.

25 white staircase

Source: www.alvhemmakleri

If you want to go French country with your living room or any other part of your house, using exposed brick archways and walls will do the trick.

26 brick archway

Source: athomearkansas.com

If you think single arches will be a great divider between the kitchen and living room, how about double arches?

27 double arch

Source: housebeautiful

You can put some contrasts with a brick wall room by bringing in some greenery and flowers into it.  It will definitely make any room a feast for the eyes.  You should go ahead and try it now.

28 soft fabric

Source: housebeautiful

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