DIY Kitchen Caddy Ideas

Bone of the most common place where a caddy is very important is the kitchen! You can make use of simple materials and recycled things to create a caddy to organize food sachets, packets, silverware, and spices very neatly. The below listed caddy ideas are simple to make and you can instantly make one out of the things that are already available at home.

wooden caddy

shower caddies


Bucket caddy:

If you got small plastic or metal buckets at home you can paint them in similar colors and hang them to a curtain rod or with help of hooks to store the utensils in it. They will be large enough with convenient storage space to store many in it.

bucket caddy

Recycled can caddy:

Make use of a egg whisker in the center to hold four tin canisters where you can tie them together with a ribbon and place it on the table to neatly organize the spoon, fork and knives.

canister caddy

Crate caddy idea:

Got an old crate at home? Well make use of them as a caddy to carry all the spice containers in it. You can easily carry them to the stove while cooking and place them back in the cupboard once you are done with it.

crate caddy

Jug mug caddy:

This is a jug mug caddy where coffee mugs or soup mugs can be hung in hooks near countertops to place utensils in it and it will look very cute as you can make use of colorful coffee mugs and ones with printed designs in it.

jug_mug caddy

Mason jar rotating caddy:

Make use of mason jars in your kitchen to make a caddy and you can attach them to the wooden rod, a candle stand or any such material and also attach a swivel wheel at the base so that you can rotate it.

mason jar caddy

Pitcher caddy:

Old vintage pitchers can be given another life by placing them on the countertops and tables to make use of them like a caddy to carry the utensils. This will keep everything in place and will be easy to carry too.

pitcher caddy

Cake tin tier caddy:

Make a tiered caddy with the help of cake tins by layering them one on top of the other. You can also reuse cookies containers or any circular or square containers to create a tier caddy shelf.

three tier caddy

Toilet paper roll:

How easy is this caddy that can be made out of a toilet paper roll? Simply place the old rolls in a container and use each of them as a section to store things.

toilet roll caddy

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