Fun Ways To Jazz Up Your Bar

If you want to have a place to entertain your guests in the house aside of the living room, having a bar is the perfect solution to your predicament.  However, you can’t have just another bar in your house.  You have to make an effort to jazz it up a little bit.  Fortunately, this article can help you get some tips on how you can do that effectively without sacrificing the main function of the bar in the process.  Remember that all you want is to increase the aesthetic value of the bar and not to change what it purports to do.

First of all, if you want to have an outdoor bar, always remember to use a backsplash to create a more coastal look.  It will certainly fit the bar if you are trying to get a beachfront ambiance.

homebars01 outdoor

Source: coastalliving

You can also turn your old bookcases into a bar itself.  An advantage of this would be that it would offer you more storage and a certain style which will definitely show off your decorating skills.

homebars02 vintage
Source: housebeautiful

If you want it to be portable and functional at the same time, you can definitely give a bar carton a try.  This will certainly save you space and give you everything you need in terms of storage and entertainment.

homebars03 diy

Source: stylemepretty

If you want more space for your house, but still want to entertain guests, it is important that you try out using a foldable beverage tray like this one.  You can easily set it aside when not in use and place it wherever there is extra space in the house.  Portability would not be an issue with this contraption as well.

homebars04 tray

Source: honestlyyum

You can hide your bar behind vintage doors as well.  This will give it more style and substance in the future for sure.

homebars05 hidden

Source: traditionalhome

You can also turn your closet into a small bar and make use of the extra storage that it will provide for you.

homebars06 closet

Source: decorpad


You can use your bar as decoration at the same time as well.  If you choose to use it as a console table, you will certainly achieve this look.

homebars07 console

Source: erikabrechtel

Aside from these, you can also choose to have a chalkboard behind your bar and have some fun with your friends.

homebars08 board

Source: urbanelectricco

You can also use a retro bar which can double as the table if necessary.  It will certainly add style and flair to your house for sure.

homebars09 retro


If you have extra space in your house, a full bar area can definitely be great for parties.  The stools can serve as extra seating or extra tables in the process.

homebars10 basement

Source: houseofturquoise

It would be fun to give these a try don’t you think?

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