Interesting Projects For Your Pets- Cats And Dogs

When we concentrate so much in decorating our house and furniture why not spare some time for your beloved pets? You can make some of the interesting furniture for the little member in your house so that they can relax and play with it. You needn’t spend lavishly for your pets, but simple DIY projects will be of great joy to them. Listed below are some of the interesting project ideas that you can make for the cats and dogs at home.

sweatshirt couch

cat play

Cat hammock:

This is a simple cat hammock that you can make using a piece of cloth that is tied along the four corners to the basement space under the tables. They can swing and have fun beneath the table space.

cat hammock

Climbing wall and swing:

Design a climbing wall for the cats to enjoy with old crates that are attached to the walls. You can play with your cat or he can play with his other cat friends climbing the wall and swinging to his joy in the layered swing that is designed in the center.

climbing wall

Crate bed:

Make use of the old crate to form a bed for the pets by adding a cushion on top of it. This crate bed will be of great comfort to them especially during winters and you can carry this bed wherever you want.

crate bed


Old mini closet reuse:

Recycle the old drawers to form a cat home where you can make use of the top shelf to form a bed for the cat by topping it with a cushion and then the center drawers can be used to store cat food, whereas the bottom space can be used to place bowls where they can dine.

mini home

Pet teepee:

How cool is this pet teepee? You can set up a pet teepee at home or outdoor when you are camping for the little member in your family so that they can also join in the fun and enjoy running in and out.

pet teepee

Scratch post:

Make use of tree limbs and planks to design a scratch post for the cats at home. You can wrap the limbs with yarn, rope or twine to add more texture to the post. This will be very much of a great use so that the cats might not scratch the lavish doors and costly walls of your home.

scratch post

Suitcase bed:

Recycle the old suitcase into a bed where you can just make use of a single side to for a bed and also recycle the remaining half in forming a bunk bed if there are two pets at home.

suitcase bed

Old tyre tunnels and stand:

Make use of old tyres to form beautiful tunnels in your garden so that the little pup can enjoy running in and out of it and also form stands for them to sit and rest or jump over it.

tunnel and platforms


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