Jewelry Board Designs: The Product of Great Imagination

Have you ever experienced not having enough space to store your jewelry in? Knowing every girl, they would have a lot of accessories and storage areas that they would need to use to keep it in. If this is your predicament, then this article would most likely help you out tremendously. We’ll try to give you some inspiration as you know what you can do to be able to create storage for your various types of jewelry right on your wall.

As you can see below, this is one of the many jewelry storage designs that you can consider. With this board, you can hang your smaller jewelry pieces without taking up much space.


In this particular picture, you can see that the designer installed some sort of hanging contraptions so as to give your necklaces and other jewelry pieces some space on the wall. This will definitely make a monochrome wall a bit more interesting in the future.


You can also create a pin board for smaller jewelry pieces. Just look at this design; it is quaint and interesting at the same time.


If you want to not limit your storage area to the wall, you can put a table right in front of your jewelry display board. This will give you additional storage for those big chunks of jewelry that you may have.


You can turn your jewelry display board into artwork and make it a centerpiece for your living room or even your bedroom just like in this picture.


The flower at the side of the jewelry board makes the board even cuter and more attractive despite the clutter in this picture.


You can also experiment with patterns when constructing your jewelry board. In this picture, the diamond patterns definitely gives the board a unique design quality that cannot be found elsewhere.


In this particular picture, you can see the ingenuity of the design because instead of the traditional jewelry board, you can see that the design and created a picture frame for variety. It will definitely be something worth looking at in the future.


Here is another example of a jewelry board inspired by picture frames. It gives out the quintessential vibe for sure. The small rods for the necklaces definitely add originality to the design as well.


This golden brown picture frame gives something extra to one already amazing idea. It does not only make your jewelry board a good place to store or hang your significant gems and accessories, it also gives you the opportunity to turn your board into beautiful art work you can put on display.storing-jewelry-on-walls-10


So what are you waiting for? If I were you I will definitely give this idea for jewelry storage a try very soon.

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