Major Design Inspirations For A Two Bedroom  Suite

If you have room to spare in your house, it may be good to put two beds in it so that you will have more space to put your guests in when the time comes.  However, designing this particular room can be a handful for some which is why this article was made to give you some tips on how to design your own twin bedroom suite in the house.  Hopefully, you’ll find useful ideas dedicated to this particular room through this article sooner rather than later.

The first idea is to keep it simple.  Light colors and simple bed sheets plus huge windows will definitely add to the charm of the room.  The picture below is a perfect example.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

If you want to give your guests the royal treatment, it is important that you use canopies to get the 18th century feel.  Guests will surely enjoy staying in this room.


Source: Eddie Ross

You can also put a small armoire in the middle of the twin beds for storage.  This will show how considerate you are as a host to your guests.


Source: Pottery Barn

The mirror adds to the glamour of this bedroom just as much as the lush beddings and accessories.


Source: Joy Tribout

This particular skylight bedroom offers a cozy and warm feeling for the occupants.  The small chest also offers additional storage in this otherwise small bedroom.  The hanging lights are definitely points to focus on.


Source: Country Living

This is another small space that is perfect for a guest bedroom with twin beds.


Source: Cottage Company

If you want something different for your bedroom, why don’t you add a strong color such as this red shade.  It is definitely something that will make your guest bedroom pop.


Source: Atlanta Homes

If you want to add length as well as height to the room, do not forget to add lines and poles to this particular room.  You will definitely enjoy designing this particular bedroom because of the enormous room for improvement.


Source: Joy Tribout

Sometimes, if you are fond of patterns in your room, is going to use bold colors to unify the whole idea.  This particular picture is an example.


Source: Joy Tribout

If you want to keep your guest room masculine with a slight feminine touch, warm and dark colors mixed together will definitely give your room the perfect flair.


Source: Houzz

Mixing modern designs with rustic ideas is a perfect way to create a guest bedroom.  The picture below is a perfect example of this.


Source: Better Homes and Gardens

If you want to unify twin beds by someone like to have separate spaces for each of your guests, you will definitely enjoy using a headboard as utilized in this photo.


Source: Marriot Hotel Playa Andaluza

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