The Scandinavian Living Room: A Picture of Color and Style

For you to be able to successfully change your living room style and color, you would have to have a lot of options regarding interior designs and inspirations. Fortunately for you, Scandinavian living rooms can’t it be a combination of both beauty and function as well. This article can help you see the advantage of using this particular design for your very own living room in the future.

The key to using a successful Scandinavian bedroom design is the color scheme. Always remember that Scandinavian living rooms often use light or simple tones such as white or gray. In the picture below, gray is the prominent color.

light-scandinavian-living-room 1

In this second picture, you can see the combination of black and white and how it affects the overall design of the living room. It makes for a formal and chic living room that has the perfect balance of coziness and functionality.

concrete-nordic-style living room 2

Aside from the color of the upholstery, you can also focus on the color of the floor. In a Scandinavian living room, it is very important for the colors to match. In this particular case the wooden living room floor appears to match the flooring of the entire house or at least the adjacent rooms.

wood-floor-scandinavian-living-room 3

With the monochromatic color scheme that most Scandinavian living rooms have, it is not uncommon to deviate from the norm. Remember that you can always get your Scandinavian living room in a flash of color once in a while.

yellow-accents-floor-pillows-nordic-style living room 4

Another a good quality of Scandinavian designs is being quintessential. Often, Scandinavian living rooms focus on vintage furniture pieces that remind you of the past. Because of this quality, Scandinavian interior design features will never go out of style.

washed-paint-nordic-furniutre living room 6

If you don’t have too many accessories, it would be best to play with texture and color when it comes to Scandinavian designs. Just like in the picture, the variations in the texture and color of this particular room will speak for itself.

arched-window-decor-scandinavian-living-room-leather-armchair 7

Scandinavian and Nordic designs often are very similar in terms of color scheme. Because of this,  you will have plenty to play with if you decide to mix the two up. Stick with white as the main color if you want to use either of these designs.

white-painted-floor-scandinavian-living room decor

All in all, what stands out in Scandinavian living room designs is the simplicity and cleanliness of the whole setup. If you want to use other colors aside from white with this design, always remember to use natural, organic colors. Doing this will help you maintain a cleaner and more balanced look.

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