Using One Color: How to Use Similar Coloring to Your Full Advantage

Using one color for a room can definitely give you the illusion of space.  This can work for smaller area in your house.  It can also give you something to focus on by just using the other color in a different part of the house.  Here are some examples of effective ways to use similar coloring for any room inside your dwelling.

If you have a hallway with many doors, giving them the same color as the wall can be an advantage because through this, the doors will not jump out into your line of vision easily.  If this happens, it was certainly not be a daunting sight.


 Source: symingtoninteriors

For this particular library, the accessories and books give the necessary splash of color which contrasts the one tone of the walls and bookcases.


Source: angiehranowsky

In this case, the white curtains certainly complement the gray walls of this particular room.


Source: bhg

Lighter shading of the same color helps give contrast to the room.  This particular picture is a good example of that.


Source: veranda

You can also use light colors and some of them closer as well as rugs to balance out the darker shades.


Source: candacecavanaugh

In this particular picture, you can see how the designer uses natural light to complement the single color that was used in the entire room.  It gives the room an even greater illusion of space.


Source: lda-architects

If you want a more inviting feel to your room, why don’t you try to use deeper hues.  That and an open window will certainly invite more light into your favorite room in the house.


Source: elledecor

You can also use a mixture of modern and the traditional.  Mixing and matching furniture as well as paint can still a big difference for your study.


Source: porterdesigncompany

As you can see in this room, definitely complements the lighter shades of the room furnishings.  It is also the most common and trendiest color for any room to date.  So if I were you, I will definitely use this right away.


Source: sallywheatinteriors

You can also play around with the molding in a room.  It should give you something different to look at if ever you choose the route of using the same color in your room.


Source: farrow-ball

With these clever ideas, we hope that you’ll be able to formulate your own way of designing your favorite room in the house.  We can assure you that there are ways around the monotony of using one color for an entire room.  You just have to be creative.

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