Various Design Ideas For Your Laundry Room Closets

It is extremely usual for laundry rooms to be spacious and large.  However, I would like to know that it doesn’t really work that way often.  Sometimes, people do get closet sized laundry rooms that most of us have to deal with.  Here are some tips for you if you happen to have this specific kind of laundry room inside the house.

Putting a backsplash inside your laundry room will definitely make it more interesting to look at.  It also makes it more efficient to use with the addition of accessories such as a bar for your clothes and seven closets for your extra clothing.


Source: decorpad

You can always go rustic and use the curtains instead of doors to hide your laundry area.  This particular picture also shows that the holder chose to have extra storage beneath the machines which definitely is a plus for function.


Source: bhg

You can also use your bathroom closet as your laundry area too.  It definitely saves time and space work wise.


Source: bhg

You can combine your laundry area and utility closet into one efficient workspace.  This week, you’ll have an easier time looking for various utilities that you can use in the future.


Source: huntedinterior

Adding vintage designs to your laundry room can definitely increase the beauty of this particular area.  In this case, the muted blue shade definitely adds spice to your laundry room.


Source: hgtv

If you want to add some personality to your closet laundry space, keeping the design in mind is very important.  You can add accessories like mirrors or bead pattern designs for the walls to give it more flair.


Source: southernliving

Maximize a smaller space by making sure that you have alternative storage tools such as baskets and various hampers to use.


Source: marthastewart

Do not be afraid to put some style and color in your laundry space.  Just make sure that it will match the overall theme of the house.


Source: bhg

You can take advantage of high ceilings by using it as additional storage space.  It will definitely be one of the best ideas that you can come up with if you have limited storage in your laundry area.


Source: Ketron Custom Builders

Mixing and matching colors as well as using different door styles can definitely add to this style of your laundry room.  It will definitely give you something beautiful to look at while washing your own clothes.


Source: thisoldhouse

If you want something different for your closet laundry room, this is the best way for you to achieve that goal.  You’ll never regret adopting one of these designs for sure.

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