Decorate Home With Glass Paintings

Glass paintings have this unique beauty of glam and tenderness that makes it look special. You can adorn home with glass paintings of various types like a large glass door painted in grandeur, a wine glass that is made to look exquisite, a fresh life to an old glass flower vase, a modern painted clock or a lantern that is bright with colors. What ever may be the idea, glass will look rejuvenated with splash of colors on it.

cherry blossom wine glass

Candleholder idea:

This old wine glass is painted with bright orange pumpkins on a black background that makes it a perfect candleholder for Halloween this year, as you can paint many such candleholders to adorn your home.

candle holder

Beautiful floral flower vase:

Look at this delicate flower vase whose bottom half is painted in big flower prints with a hummingbird by the side to make it look so beautiful and stunning in lovely colors.

flower vase

Square glass block light:

This is a stylish square glass block light that is made out of used perfume bottles that are washed, dried and painted in lovely colors. You can fill it with fairy lights to make it look lovely by your bedside.

glass block decor

Mason jar lantern idea:

Look at this glass mason jar that is designed in metallic black puff painted designs that can be used like a lantern outside your house in gardens, lawn or even by the window sill to make it look very beautiful.

mason jar accent

Puffy paint window clings:

If you want a permanent or long lasting window clings that will adorn the glass panes of the windows, you can paint a variety of clings on them to make it look interesting. This is a snowflakes window cling along with balls that will match best during Christmas season.


Old door outdoor décor idea:

This is a old door outdoor décor idea where you can paint the glass blocks of the windows in colorful designs to make the old door or window look attractive in your garden or lawn.

outdoor decor

Mini milk bottle vases:

Look at these cute mini milk bottles that can be dipped in paint with a colorful bottom that will make it look attractive. You can also wrap the neck of the bottle with yarn or tie a ribbon around the neck to make the mini vase look admirable.


Picture frame idea:

Instead of inserting a photo in a glass picture frame you can just paint it in abstract art in bright colors and make it look modern as this.

picture frame idea

Wall clock idea:

How about this painted wall clock with a egg omlette in it? Wouldn’t this look unique in your kitchen?

wall clock decor


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